Giorgio Cravedi

Our company was established in 1927 by Camillo Cravedi. It was later taken over by his son Sergio and his nephew Giorgio who leads the company today. And now, after more than 80 years, members of the fourth generation are being actively involved in running the family business.

Since 1927 our main committment has been ‘renewal’.
We have always strived for success. And still are, with unchanged enthusiasm. Research for excellence in what we offer never stops : ever increasing range, top quality parts, rapid response and service, profitable terms and painstaking customer care.

Yet there is one thing that has never changed so far. It is the ‘style’ of the relationships we have with our customers, built on honesty, confidence and mutual respect.
The role of our people in Cravedi is crucial to this : they cater for the needs of auto repairers with total availability, helpfulness, technical knowledge and expertise.

Credibility. This is the add-value that led us to become a preferred partner for independent local garages and body shops.
And more. The best manufacturers and suppliers of automotive aftermarket in Italy and abroad entrust Cravedi as a partner choice for capillary distribution of auto parts in the North Est of Italy and, thanks to the recent opening of a new branch in Pontedera, in Tuscany as well.

Our structure counts:

  • head office and six branches
  • 120 employees - 90 in office jobs, warehouse, sales, deliveries, logistics and 30 salesmen in daily contact with customers
  • more than 7500 m2 total surface
  • company delivery fleet of 40 vans
  • yearly turnover of 27 million Euros
  • more than 2000 independent professional car and truck repair businesses served.