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If you have a garage repairing cars or trucks, you well know the cost of keeping a vehicle off the road. We know this problem very well. That is why you can rely on our skilled team to meet any of your repair needs.
A complete range of high quality automotive parts combined with rapid delivery service make our offer excellent.


You can be assured of our highly skilled team assistance in identifying and making ready for despatch any original or aftermarket replacement part you may need for your repair work, regardless of vehicle model or make.
Our commitment is to help you with your customers: rapid service and high quality repairs.

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At Cravedi you can find a wide range of car accessories and parts. Our skilled countermen will be pleased to help you get what you need quickly and reassured about the quality and prices.

And for all repair works or maintenance service on your car, you can choose Club In Buone Mani - 'Your car in Good Hands' - a programme started by Cravedi in 2013. It is a group of trustworthy local repair shops offering motorists great service, transparency and opportunity to save money.
Subscription is free and easy. You can fill the application form at one of the repair shops belonging to the Club or apply online at Club members enjoy a range of very special offers and discounts on car services each year.

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